About me

Charlene and Edoardo - captain henry waterhouse reserve wedding 25/02/2022. - Daniel Kukec Photography

Hello. I’m Anthea. I’m a celebrant. Sometimes I’m also a DJ.

I love to work with people on creating the perfect ceremony that best represents you. I’m not crazy about incorporating traditions for the sake of it, I want every part of a ceremony to be joyous and symbolic of your relationship.

When I’m not celebranting, I produce live music and comedy shows and work with charities on their fundraising campaigns. If you’d like to reference your favourite song or show in your vows or if you’d like some help incorporating your favourite cause into your wedding – I’m probably the celebrant for you.

For example, if you tell me that you’d like to quote the song “I will always love you” in your ceremony, I’ll gently tell you that it’s a break up song and see if you still want to go down that path – if you do, I’ll totally back you on it because, as Ben Lee would say, we’re all in this together.