The Process

Hey! Been trying to meet you….!

Sharing the stage with a couple during their wedding – and guiding them through that entire process is a super intimate thing to share with people. It’s pretty important that we all get along.

This is how we do it:

1. Let’s have a drink!

  • We’ll meet for a drink (alcoholic, fizzy or caffeinated,  I don’t mind) and work out if we like each other. If we get on and want to do this super exciting and personal thing together, then we’ll agree on all the details.
  • We’ll then meet to sign the paperwork, this is really important and is the first official duty that we’ll share to get your ceremony underway. It must be done 30 days before your ceremony, at least.
  • I’ll then interview you both, ask you heaps of questions about what kind of ceremony you like, how you met and fell in love, why you want to get married, which elements of a ceremony are important to you etc etc etc.

2. Let’s Do This!

  • I’ll work with you to design the perfect ceremony that best represents you and your relationship.
  • I’ll go away and write a draft of your ceremony (based on what we discussed) and then work with you to finesse it until you sign it off.
  • You’re also welcome to share any vows with me before the ceremony, I can give you feedback and also keep them secret from your partner.
  • I’ll encourage you to have a rehearsal the day before the ceremony, so that we can do a walk-through. We don’t have to say all the words, but it’s really beneficial for everyone to be comfortable in the venue on the day.
  • Then – I’ll get you married! And it’ll be amazing!